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Plastic Waste Free Environment….. A promise not to be forgotten!

About 50 students of standard 9 volunteered to participate in the ‘Plastic Waste Free Environment’, an initiative by the Government of India and PMC. This initiative was brought in practice in Pune city with the help of school and college students. PMC provided the kits consisting of hand gloves, masks, caps and cloth bags for collection of the waste.




Before starting for the campaign, the student saw a video on Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan and took an oath of spending 2 hours per week cleaning the surroundings. Principal, Mrs. Radhika Vaidya congratulated all the students for participating in the mission and also wished for everyone’s safety.




The students accompanied by teachers, worked in groups for a couple of hours to clean the surroundings in the vicinity of the school and in the process they also inspired some locals around them.
This is what some of the students had to say “If we spoil nature, nature will spoil us! If you do not wish to clean the city, at least do not litter it.”




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