Millennium National School

Rendezvous with Real Life Heroes

It was a special treat for our students to meet real life heroes in this session of ‘My Avenues’ on Wednesday, 1st August. One, an icon for the youth aspiring for a daring and powerful career and the other, an inspiration for the students who wish to cut across the social strata and achieve success in life.

The awe inspiring rendezvous with the Chief Guest, IPS Officer A.S. Takwale had everyone in raptures as he revealed his daring and thrilling experiences in a very honest and straightforward manner. Not only did the Super cop share his real life experiences at his 20 postings through the last eight years but also explained the study methods that the students could use to crack various competitive exams.

The students were completely taken in by a simple yet very important success mantra of ‘Honesty in all your work-whether it is your job, duty or studies’!- Aishwarya Shah, std XII exclaimed, “ The study method of revising before meals or before bedtime seems very practical and feasible and I am surely going to try it out. They are words of wisdom earned through experience…” Mihir Rajwade and Saket Sabane from Std XII added, “Takwale Sir recommended studying the NCERT Text Books thoroughly instead of referring to multiple resource books- which takes off much of the stress as well as streamlines our efforts for the expected success.”


Our other Guest for the occasion was ‘real-reel life hero’, an inspiration to many a stories ornamenting the Silver Screen. Mr. Siddharth Zagade shared his dramatic life journey which started in a small village near holy place, Jejuri in Maharashtra, with many twists and turns reached the pinnacle of a very successful, multi-faceted, multi-skilled smart businessman of today. A special mention to his undaunted support for his wife, who through consistent efforts could crack the IAS Exam and is at present posted in Koimbatore. He mentioned with feeling, the challenges that he has faced in life which in reality have given him the strength to ride the tide..

The message ‘Never be afraid and never give up on the positive efforts. Always have a sense of social responsibility’ given by both the stalwarts, was readily welcomed by all the students as well as the school staff present for the interaction.


When asked about the take away from the programme, the students responded with confidence- ‘It has taught us the Success Mantra of a combination of persistence, vision, principles and a sense of social welfare will lead you to whatever goal you desire.’ Yes, it was an affirmation of the message of these real life heroes having taken roots in the young minds and hearts…


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