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Senior KG visit a Shirt Factory

Sr. KG made an exciting trip to the Corneaa Cotton Shirt Factory based in Kothrud. A class at a time rode merrily on a bus, sang songs and did a city tour too on the way.

The kids entered factory through the cutting area. The tailor master demonstrated how to put the materials in layers on the cutting table, how to make markings using a pattern and then to cut the layered material. The children also saw how different machines are used to cut material with more or less layers.

IMG_9566 IMG_9559

In the interiors canvas was stuck to collars and cuffs and then fused. In the stitching area the shirts were being stitched using sewing machines and then the kids moved to the finishing area where the room was bustling with activities like adding the finishing stiches, buttons, sorting of shirts by sizes, attaching the labels, ironing the shirts, adding foam in between and the final wrapping. The kids were very excited to see the finished product at the end.

IMG_9568 IMG_9589

It was a treat for the children to watch the skilled workers working on a simple looking piece of cloth to transform it into a smart shirt. Now they knew everything about how their dad’s shirt was made from scratch!


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