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Shravan Celebrations Galore

Fifth month of the solar year, ‘Shravan’ is a holy month dedicated to spiritual practices and religious offerings. It marks the onset of a new moon and is the beginning of Sun’s transition into Leo zodiac.

Shravan – full of colorful festivities is also a time to celebrate for our little ones in the Kg section! Especially Raksha-bandhan, NaraliPornima and Nag Panchmi etc. which were celebrated in full zest this August.
The festival of Rakshabandhan, dedicated to brothers and sisters and celebrating the bond of affection was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to flaunt self-made Rakhis with their friends. The entire experience itself was planned with scope for creativity and creating cultural awareness along with a thought for the development of the motor skills of the young ones.



Which festival is complete without sweets?-Well, not for us… So, the little children did enjoy the occasion as they munched on NaralBarfis i.e. – an appropriate treat for the celebration of NaraliPornima as well, as they listened to the information about ‘Shriphal’ – Naral in Marathi and Coconut in English with its special qualities and importance. The teachers also shared with them the importance of NaraliPornima especially for the Fishermen community-and how, after the monsoon months, they start out for fishing after offering puja and Naral to the Ocean God.

Similarly, Nag Panchami celebration also created fond memories as the little ones made colourful paper snakes. They decorated the abode of the majestic and graceful Snakes -the Varul models, which greeted all at the kg entrance. The decoration in the classes matched the festive sparkle and enthusiasm in the little ones as they listened to the stories told by their teachers about Kaliya mardan- the fight between Lord Krishna and the terrible Kaliya Nag (Snake)- one can very well imagine the amazement in their eyes when the story reached the climax in which Lord Krishna emerged as the victor and danced on its head!



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