Millennium National School

Surprise visitor at Millennium

We had a special visitor in our school on Tuesday, 30th July 2013. It was 8.30 in the morning. Anvit sir was on the way to his office when he saw an adult monkey in the campus! He was stunned. He immediately started his observations and clicks. Thanks to him, we are able to share these pictures and article.

We don’t know from where the monkey came, but it was first spotted in the kindergarten area. Then it ran to our main building entrance.

The monkey sat there like a sincere watchman! Students, teachers, parents were going past it, but it was unmoved. One of our parents was carrying some cream biscuits (perhaps for her child). Our kaka tried offering them to the monkey. It refused to pick up thrown biscuits, but accepted the ones given in its hands.

The monkey and children’s reactions were fun to watch. The children were initially scared but when they perceived it as harmless, they wanted to linger around. Imagine a full size harmless monkey on school campus and children stopping on their way to canteen to observe it!

We later found on Google that it was a gray langur, popularly known as Hanuman langur. These langurs are found across almost all of India. Their average weight is 11 kg in females and 18 kg in males. One interesting fact is that their tails are always longer than their bodies. Here’s our live proof. These langurs are known to adapt well to human settlements. They are no threat to us. But humans can be a threat to them. In this world of detached man in cement jungles, we were happy to have a new representative of the nature among us. It was a reminder that we too, are a part of the nature. Our children might not have realised this, but we were happy to have this uninvited visitor.

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