Millennium National School

The mega event of the school wins mega applause!

The school held its greatest annual function, the Gathering for Pre-primary section and standards 4 to 9 and 11 during mid-February. It’s an event held every year, but this year was different as it had many faces. The pre-primary and the higher standards performed in different sessions. The higher standards worked in groups to showcase the two mega-dramas – “Marathi Bana” and “Ganyachi Goshta”.

IMG_9301 IMG_9310

Cute little anchors, who were also dancing on the same dance number, introduced every item from the pre-primary section– each of which was based on the theme “vacation”. The dance numbers, choreographed by the teachers, and executed by the tiny l’il kids draped in splendid costumes were all super-hit. The kids decide to burn all their bad habits and start afresh with good habits through “Havan Karenge”. “You only live once” spirit of “Venga Bus”, the “Girlpower” Spirit of “Badal pe pav” and the sizzling portrayal of “Selfie le le re” were in keeping with today’s trends and tomorrow’s dreams.

“Ganyachi Goshta” which was the story of the songs which was indeed a novel concept with the perfect drama-dance combination. With this theme we also introduced the live dialogue delivery from the stage. The dramas portrayed stories in different parts of the country, conveying some social messages. The rain dance in “Ghanana Ghana”, the sword dance in “Azeem-o-shan” and the light dance of “Om Namoji” were stellar performances that appealed to the senses. The trendy and catchy “Fulpakharu” and “Duniya ka nara” were breathtaking! Truly International, it had everything from “Rang de Basanti” to the classic moves of Michael Jackson to the arresting performance of Spanish “Senorita”. It was indeed a very pure transition from the old to the new, from the basic to the classic!

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“Marathi Bana” left no stone unturned in depicting the land of Maharashtra. Dahi handi, Ganpati, Gondhal, Diwali something that the audience never tires of re-living. The pledge taken in “Freedom” was very original, powerful and interesting. “Koli Song” took us to a whole new world of coastal Maharashtra. The innocent and playful spirit of “Mangalagaur” brought a nostalgic smile to all faces. When Shivaji entered in a procession with the live rhythms of dhol-tasha the audience roared with joy. The shows got gentler on the senses with more power and impact.
The gathering also included a session for the big kids from standard 9 and 11, who left everyone awe-struck with their mesmerizing moves on the Bollywood-hits.

What’s important is the fact that everybody was really happy being there in full masti. Hats-off to the Millennium team for such an awesome presentation. Not to forget the hundreds of hours put in to planning, organizing and managing such a mega event. Kudos to the team and the children!



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