Millennium National School

…Towards a Green World…

‘Green’ was the word for the day when our students from Std. IX, XI & XII participated in the ‘Seed- ball making’ Activity on the 21st&22nd of this month.

The team from Maharashtra Vriksha Sanvardhan Samiti and Vriksha Bhishi including Ms. Shreeya Nachare and Ms. Preeti Edgaonkar with their associates started off the session by a brief introduction of the objective of the present activity and their overall work for the cause of environment conservation- Just the highlights of the mammoth task undertaken by their NGO.



This was followed by the practical of the students preparing the Seed balls as per the given instructions. Every student mixed the required ingredients- Black soil and Manure/Cowdung along with two or three seeds of trees like Ritha, Amaltara, Tamarind, Laburnum(Bahava) etc. and made small balls with it. These balls would then be kept to dry out only to be scattered on hills or empty spaces later.

The entire activity was a huge success as one could say- Just a small ball made of black soil, manure and some seeds was actually the promise every child held in his hand for a Green World to come…


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