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Young Govindas celebrate Dahi Handi Celebration

Gokul Ashtami was an occasion of fun and frolic, an absolutely exhilarating time for all the dancing and frolicking young Govindas of Std I & II as well as the little ones from the Pre-primary section!
The teachers charmed the children with the stories of the fun-loving Lord Krishna. ‘As Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami Day in the month of Shravan at midnight, this day is celebrated all over India with much festivity. The devotees observe fasting and pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna.’ They told the kids, as they listened in rapture.

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The upbeat mood for the Dahi Handi Celebration was all set by feet tapping songs and the festive wear in which the young students were decked up!
In accordance to the custom, when the students made a huge circle by holding their hands and sang with their teachers, the fun had merely begun. Just as Lord Krishna and his poor cowherd friends loved milk, curd and butter kept in high hung ‘Handis’, three beautifully decorated ‘Handis’ were hung in the Kg Sports Area. And weren’t the little prancing ‘Gwalas’ all too thrilled to break these ‘Handis’ with the help of the school staff!! Not only did they dance and sing to the tune with their teachers but also enjoyed the ‘Prasad’ later consisting of puffed rice and sugar burst.
As the child Krishna enjoyed the dance with his friends, our little children also danced joyfully to their heart’s content as they cheerily said, ‘Govinda Ala re Ala’!


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